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Windows 10 version on Codeplex

first post: djaus wrote: I have developed a UWP Windows 10 version of the ms-iot Bluetooth G...

Incompatibility with new version of SensorTag

first post: mreza wrote: Hi guys as you know there are many references for communicate wit...

latest post: rocking168 wrote: Yes,mreza. I am interested.

Windows phone 8.1 Support

first post: johnatm wrote: Hi I would like to know does this sensor tag library support window...

increase read period to >10Hz?

first post: AODevelopment wrote: I just downloaded the TI SensorTag Library on my Windows 8.1 PC, an...

Multiple sensortag connection

first post: bamazizi wrote: Hi there, I want to connect to two or more sensortags on my windo...

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